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71st APCON from 6th to 10th December 2023 at AIIMS, New Delhi
     Cyto India
     Patho India
     Molecular Pathology Association of India
     The Cytometry Society of India (TCS)

Dr. Sharada Rane
Prof and Head, Dept of Pathology
and Deputy Dean (PG)
Govt. Medical College, Baramati
Dist: Pune E-mail :sharadarane22@gmail.comm

Vice President
Dr Kanak Lata Dei
Retired Professor & HOD department of Pathology
MKCG, Brahmapur
Senior Medical officer in Blood Bank
Dist: Odisha E-mail

Honorary Secretary
Dr Ranjan Agrawal
Prof and Head, Pathology
Rajshree Medical Research Institute
U.P., India.
Mobile : 9412291009; 7060387009

Joint Secretary
Dr Varsha Dhume
Associate Professor
Department of Pathology
TN Medical College B.Y.L.Nair Hospital
Mumbai 400 008
Mobile: 9869087916
E-mail :

Professor Harendra kumar
Associate Professor
Department of Pathology
Sarojini Naidu Medical College
Agra (U.P.)
Mobile: 9758214149, 8192833338

Editor in chief
Dr. Bharat Rekhi
Professor Pathology
(Surgical Pathology and Cytopathology)
Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai

Dr Ranjan Agarwal.
Prof and Head, Pathology
Rajshree Medical Research Institute
U.P., India.
Mobile : 9412291009; 7060387009

Jt.Secretary (Head Quarters)
Dr. Pranati Mohanty
IAPM House, Chahata, Bidanasi,
Markat Nagar,Cuttack-753014
Current APCON :

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